Oct 25, 2021


Today I have received an email from the SCBWI, and my illustrations are featured on the website of the NY Metro chapter. It will be on there for the whole of November. With a link here https://nymetro.scbwi.org/ here.

It's been a while since I last updated my website. I have recently relocated to a small town in New Jersey, from Queens, NYC. While the pandemic has changed many things worldwide, I sure miss the vibes of NYC, the endless museums, the convenience for grocery and everything else, the productive sketching/writing tea time the SCBWI members had(you would think chatting could be counterproductive, but not at the sketch nights).

Relocating is an awesome challenge, including the packing/unpacking part. It always makes me realize how small we human beings are. Just like many small creatures, we collect stuff, we pack and move them, we imagine, we plant, we build. And meanwhile, I am working on a couple of new stories, spending most of my working time on writing and staring into the blanks between lines. It's about time to dive into more illustrations! (and I am excited!)