Hui Li is a children's book author/illustrator. She became an apprentice of Chinese traditional calligraphy since four and has earned a 9-dan (the highest rank). She had developed a strong interest of how particles/people interacting by practicing this art of balancing. Hui has a PhD in Physical Science and had published on world’s leading science journals. With just a little bit understanding of the building particles of this universe, she wanted to explore more of the world with pictures and words and moved to NYC to pursue this dream. Hui loves plants, particularly succulent plants.

Hui is proudly represented by Anna Olswanger at the Olswanger Literary.

Selected Clients

Christy Ottaviano Books (Little, Brown Books for Yound Readers, Hachatte Book group), Cricket Media, Nomad Press, POPLAR Books (A leading childrens's book publishing company in Japan/China), SCBWI, etc.

Selected Awards/Exhibitions

2020 Finalist, Key Colours (Clavis Publishing) Picture Book Competition

2018 Writing With The Starts (in author/illustrator group)

2018 1st place, Banner Illustration Contest

2017 The Building Toy, Dusty Animation Festival, NY

2017 Backlight, Rochester Contemporary Art Ct, NY

2014-2015 Concerted (installation), Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

2014 The Moroccan Lady, Award of Excellence, Illinois Watercolor Society

9 dan (or kudan, the highest-rank in Chinese Traditional Calligraphy)

Chinese traditional calligraphy is what led me into the world of visual art.

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